Verify Your Product’s Authenticity

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Thanks for using Hard Steel!
To verify your product’s authenticity, follow the steps below:

1. Find the location of our anti-counterfeit labels on the product you purchased.
It should look like this:

If you are unable to locate the label, please note we are currently in the process of implementing these. If you are unsure if your product is counterfeit and it does not have a label, contact us for confirmation of the authenticity of your purchase.

2. Scratch off the silver coating labeled “Scratch Code” to reveal a unique code specific to your product.
3. Enter your unique code consecutively and without spaces into the box labeled “Scratch-off code” at the top of the page and press “Submit”.
4. You will receive a pop-up determining whether or not your product is authentic. Please make sure you entered your code correctly, or we are unable to identify the authenticity of your product.

Hard Steel products are wildly popular, thanks to our commitment to the quality of our product. However, because of this, there are both counterfeit Hard Steel products and products using the Hard Steel name.

These products are NOT manufactured by Hard Steel, and therefore cannot be validated for effectiveness, safety, etc.

If your product fails to validate, or if you have any concerns on whether or not your product is authentic, report it to us immediately! Contact us with a picture of your product and where you purchased it. We are happy to help.

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